“We love each other, but staying connected is tough.” 

"We are smart people, but we have such a hard time communicating.”

“A safe, loving connection sounds great, but I just don’t have hope for that anymore.” 

If these statements sound relatable, you’re in the right place. The 21-Day Marriage Intensive will breathe fresh hope into your marriage and equip you to eliminate dysfunctional cycles of pain, miscommunication, and disconnection. On each day of this journey, Ben and Brittney Serpell will bring new content to help sharpen your skills and expand your tools for building the healthy, strong, loving connection you and your spouse long for.

Move from feeling lost in your vital relationship to building a marriage that brings strength to those around you!
What to expect during this intensive:
Let us be your guide to transform your marriage from surviving and hopeless, to thriving and connected!

Week 1 - Connection 
o Love Language assessment
o Tools that focus on connection

Week 2 - Communication 
o DISC assessment
o Resources to enhance communication

Week 3 - Understanding/Expressing Needs 
o Communication styles
o Weekly videos
o Homework

You can also expect:
• Daily Emails and text
• Weekly Blogs and encouraging messages
• Assessments
• Multiple weekly videos
• Closed Facebook group
• Q & A sessions
• Three personal video calls with Ben & Brittney 
• Facebook Live chats weekly (private group only)
• 3 Video calls with Ben & Brittney
• Life Academy eCourse

This is a value of more than $500 for $295! Hurry we only have a few spots left!

The goal of this course is to have a more interactive touch as we walk through discovering your goals and helping you hit those targets in marriage to create an even stronger bond and leave a  strong legacy of marriage for your children. 
Limited Availability!